New Electric Cars For Sale

new electric cars for sale

With zero-emission vehicles entering more segments of the market, shoppers can choose from a broad array of options that offer a combination of style, performance, and range. Prices can still be high, but new EVs are more affordable than ever thanks to falling battery costs and a proliferation of charging stations.

Some new EVs are available for immediate purchase, while others require a reservation to arrive weeks or even months later. Whether you’re ready to buy or just curious about what’s on offer, here are the new electric cars for sale.

Midpriced EVs

The Tesla Model 3 sets the bar for midpriced EVs, with comfortable seating and cargo space plus an excellent driving range. For 2023, the single-motor Standard Range spec starts at $41,630 before incentives and can do 279 miles between charges, while the faster dual-motor Long Range EV tops out at 358 miles per charge.

Luxury EV SUVs

The all-new Volvo Polestar is the first electric car from the luxury offshoot of parent company Geely, and it’s already one of Insider’s favorites of 2020. The svelte sedan is a joy to drive, with nimble dimensions and spirited acceleration, plus its generous roster of active safety features including hands-free Super Cruise highway driving assistance.

Mini has taken a big step toward full electrification with the 2025 Countryman EV, which is longer and taller than its gas-powered counterpart. It has an EPA-estimated 218-mile range, a fast-charging mode that recharges the battery to 80 percent in about 30 minutes, and a powertrain capable of producing up to 402 horsepower when called upon.