MREs For Sale

Whether it’s for a survivalist or prepper, there is a demand for an emergency food source. Meals Ready to Eat mres for sale are a popular choice and they have earned a cult-like following in the preparedness community. Designed with military and disaster personnel in mind, these self-contained meals can provide the nutrition needed for long periods in harsh conditions.

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A typical MRE meal is designed to deliver up to 1250 calories in a single serving, which can be supplemented with a wide variety of options that include desserts, crackers and supplemental foods such as Tabasco sauce or cheese spread. The package also includes condiments and accessories such as utensils, flameless ration heaters and coffee or tea for added flavor and hydration.

MREs are highly reliable and have an extensive shelf life, ranging from a few years to more than a decade in ideal conditions. The MRE menu has evolved over the years and now offers a broad range of choices to appeal to everyone from the health conscious to the adventurous eater.

Since MREs are government property, they cannot be sold directly to civilians without the Department of Defense noticing. As a result, MREs are usually found for sale on auction sites such as eBay and must be purchased from reputable vendors. The auctions that offer MREs will have a label printed on them that states “U.S. Government Property, Commercial Resale is Unlawful.” However, as many auctions do not specify whether they are genuine US military MREs or name-brand civilian MREs, it may be difficult to tell if the MREs you’re purchasing are in good condition and will last for the intended length of time.