Online Forklift Certification Saves Companies Money

Online Forklift Academy certification is a popular training option that can save companies money in both direct and indirect costs. This method eliminates the need to pay for outside instructors, and it cuts down on operational delays and downtime caused by instructor-led classroom sessions. Additionally, most leading programs allow operators to complete theory-based training at their own pace from any device with internet access, allowing them to stay motivated throughout the course and finish in record time.

Online training can take as little as a few hours to complete, which is significantly less than the 8 or more hours that live instructor-led forklift certification classes can take. This helps keep participants focused, increases the likelihood of retaining important information and, as a result, ensures that they will be ready to perform their job effectively.

Online Learning Revolution: Mastering Forklift Certification at Your Own Pace

The only thing that can’t be done online is the hands-on practical evaluation, which must always be conducted on a real forklift by a qualified person (usually an employer). In order to avoid this delay and the expense of hiring a third-party trainer, many employers are turning to SafetySkills’ online Train the Trainer courses, which teach experienced employees how to give evaluations and train new employees.

Forklift accidents are one of the most common causes of industrial injury — and they’re easily preventable with proper training. The most common types of forklift accidents, such as forklift overturns, pedestrians struck by forklifts, and victims crushed by forklifts, can all be prevented with a forklift training program that meets the OSHA training requirements.