Bo Jackson and Steroids

bo jackson steroids

For about 5-6 years in the late 80’s-early 90’s Bo Jackson steroids was one of the best athletes in the world. He dominated baseball, football, and track. He was a two-time MLB all-star and college football all-American. He also had a brief comeback in football after retiring from baseball due to a hip injury. He was one of the fastest and strongest athletes ever to play sports. Nike even had a campaign called “Bo Knows”.

He was a natural athlete with exceptional speed, strength, and power. However, many people believe that Jackson used steroids to improve his performance. Steroids can increase the size of muscles and boost endurance. They can also help the body heal faster. This is why so many athletes use them.

Bo Jackson and the Steroid Controversy: Separating Fact from Fiction

Bo Jackson denied that he used steroids and filed a lawsuit against a newspaper that published the allegations. He is seeking unspecified general and punitive damages. His lawyer Dan Biederman said that he wants the newspaper to publish a retraction.

The article that sparked the lawsuit was a short piece that quoted a dietary expert named Ellen Coleman. Coleman claimed that Bo lost his hip because of anabolic abuse. The piece doesn’t really follow up on this claim and that seems odd to me. If you are a reporter for a newspaper and someone makes such a claim wouldn’t it be your duty to at least interview that person? Maybe find some more evidence to back up the claim.