Where You Can Find Good Violin Cases

Where you can find good LVL Music Academy depends on your specific needs. Your ideal case should fit your instrument snugly and be comfortable to carry, especially when you’re commuting or traveling. It should also be light enough for you to easily open and close. Some cases come with extra features that may make them more convenient for you, such as a place to store shoulder rests and rosin, or sheet music and accessories.


Crafting Your Signature Sound: The Influence of Strings and Cases

The material that your violin case is made of is important to consider, too. Many violin cases are crafted from wood, which is sturdy and looks classic and elegant. However, some players prefer the protection and durability offered by composite cases with a layer of injected polyurethane for shock absorption and thermal insulation. These cases tend to be more expensive than traditional wooden ones, but are a great option for professional musicians who travel often and want a lightweight, streamlined case.

Other cases are made from polycarbonate, which is strong, durable, and lightweight. This material is used to make bulletproof vests and car bumpers, and was even the only plastic Lego bricks were made of until recently. It is also more temperature-resistant than carbon fiber. Some cases also feature a suspension system that keeps the violin in place and protects it from minor bumps. In addition, some cases have a hygrometer and humidifier to keep the environment inside the case stable. Some also have a lock and key to secure your instrument.