The Real World AI Review


The Real World AI is an online educational platform that helps students break free from the matrix and achieve financial freedom through wealth creation and building profitable businesses. It teaches students how to make money with 18 modern wealth-creation methods and provides daily access to millionaire professors who guide students through their business journey. Resource:

The community is a great place to find motivation and learn from other like-minded individuals. Members can discuss their successes and ask questions on social media, which helps them stay accountable to their goals. In addition, students can use the TRW app to track their progress and receive notifications when they reach milestones or earn commissions.

AI in Practice: Andrew Tate’s Real-World Examples

However, it’s important to note that the program is not a “get rich quick” scheme and requires a lot of work to succeed. Moreover, the content can be overwhelming, with each course having multiple modules and videos.

Besides the courses and community, TRW offers a variety of other resources, such as podcasts, books, and webinars, which are useful for entrepreneurs. The site also hosts a variety of events that help entrepreneurs network with other successful business owners.

Despite its success, The Real World has received criticism for its pyramid scheme structure. The program generates income for its owner and users by requiring them to aggressively promote it on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube in exchange for access to its resources. In addition, the site has been accused of encouraging its users to sexually exploit women.