The Best Threat Intelligence Feeds

Best threat intelligence feeds are essential tools for cybersecurity teams because they provide valuable information that can help security professionals identify threats, respond to them in a timely manner and prevent future attacks. As a result, organizations that subscribe to threat intelligence feeds are 58% more likely to be successful at managing their cybersecurity posture than those who don’t, according to a Nemertes study.

The best threat intelligence feeds deliver a stream of data on cyber threats, analyzing and contextualizing it for security teams. They can be in the form of a human-readable report or a formatted feed that can be injected directly into the security system. Typically, the most effective cyber threat intelligence feeds offer real-time information and are integrated with other security tools to make the data more relevant and actionable for security analysts.

Stay Informed and Secure: Exploring the Top Threat Intelligence Feeds for 2023

Some of the top threat intelligence providers include Spamhaus, Proofpoint ET Labs and AlienVault OTX. They also offer specialized feeds for specific industries and verticals, such as energy and nuclear power; communications; chemicals; transportation; emergency services; water and dams; and manufacturing.

Before selecting a feed, evaluate the unique information and data it offers against your current cybersecurity needs and tooling. Identify if the data is relevant and aligned with your cybersecurity objectives, whether it’s for incident response or long-term trending. It’s also important to consider the time sensitivity of the feed, as well as its overall quality and accuracy. It should also be easily integrated into your existing tooling and able to be leveraged without additional manual processes.