How to Create a Breathwork Workshop

A breathwork workshop is a great way for people to try the practice under the guidance of a trained facilitator. It also allows them to meet other people who are new to breathwork and make connections that can help them get started with the practice.

Breathwork is a non-ordinary state of consciousness that activates the body’s natural healing intelligence to release toxins and blockages. It can also promote more connection to self and others, improve emotional regulation, and increase creativity. Breathwork can be incorporated into a yoga class, added to private sessions with clients and students, or used as a stand-alone method of healing.

Join a Breathwork Workshop for Deep Healing

In order to maximize the benefits of a breathwork session, it’s important to set an intention. This can be as simple as saying, “I’m creating space for deep healing and connection today.” You can even add scent curation to create a sense of calm and well being. Scents are believed to have a direct impact on the brain and can help trigger certain memories and emotions.

It’s also important to create a safe environment for everyone in the group. This starts with welcoming everybody who enters the room and making sure they feel comfortable. It’s a good idea to give everyone a hug or look them in the eye, and to learn their names. This will help them connect more and feel a deeper level of safety. It’s also important to provide support when necessary, like if someone has an emotional release or a physical symptom that needs to be addressed.