How High Performance Industrial Doors Can Improve a Facility’s Operation

The right high performance door can significantly improve a facility’s operation. The doors can help reduce energy costs, increase materials flow and employee safety. They can also contribute to a project’s LEED Certification.Source

In a fast-paced environment such as warehouses, loading docks and manufacturing facilities, the right industrial door is critical to meeting client needs, getting product out on time and keeping operations moving smoothly. The fastest rolling doors on the market can ensure that clients and employees don’t encounter unnecessary delays or workarounds due to a door breaking down or slowing down operations.

Faster industrial doors are also often used where special climatic conditions are required; short opening and closing times can reduce cooling loss and avoid airflow. Some high speed doors are even designed for increased security, including a specialized rigid curtain that prevents tailgating and the ability to stop traffic or limit access to a specified area.

Elevating Entryways: The Role of High-Performance Doors

A reliable high-speed industrial door must be durable to withstand repeated cycles of operation. In addition to the expected lifespan, the best high-performance doors are made from heavy-duty materials that resist impact and corrosion, and feature smooth motors with fewer moving parts (springs or sprockets) for less wear and tear.

When choosing a high-performance door, it is important to consult with experienced professionals to make sure the correct solution is selected for the specific application. The experts will assess the use and operation of the doors to determine a proper fit, and ensure that all applicable operational and energy efficiency benefits are realized through a door’s entire life cycle.