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How a Luminance Meter Can Help You Get the Right Illuminance For Your Plants

Whether you’re using HID, CFL or LED lighting, it’s important to nail down the positioning of your light source above your canopy. Position it too close, and you run the risk of bleaching or light burn; position it too far away, and your plants won’t receive optimal levels of illuminance. A lux meter can help you get this right, resulting in healthier and more productive plants.

However, lux meters aren’t a good fit for all growers. They present readings based on illuminance as seen by the human eye, and don’t offer a comparable measure of photosynthetically active radiation (PPFD). Fortunately, PAR meters are available, and can give you a better sense of how much useful light is actually striking your plant. The good news is that these instruments are relatively inexpensive compared to their functionality.