Buying an Electric Cars Car is Easier Than You Think

There’s a wide variety of electric cars car available on the market, from practical hatchbacks that have enough range for day-to-day errands to EVs that are the technological showcases you’d expect from Acura or BMW. With more options than ever before, the ability to fine-tune your ideal zero-emissions commuter or road trip cruiser is easier than ever.

The original Nissan Leaf was the first mass-market EV sold in the United States, and it was promoted with the message that recharging its battery pack cost less than $3.00 per fill-up. That was true, at least as long as gasoline stayed above $1.10.

Buying Your First Electric Car: What to Consider

EVs are gaining ground in every class of automobile, and the most appealing are often those that can be used as everyday transportation while delivering genuinely usable driving range and a high level of driver appeal. The Peugeot 208, for example, is one of our favorite superminis in traditional combustion-engined guise, but it also proves very capable in all-electric EV form.

Another worthy pick is the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq Electric SE Standard Range, which combines a roomy cabin with impressive cargo space and a 261-mile estimated driving range. Likewise, the sleek Acura ZDX is set to make waves in the premium crossover segment with its single- or dual electric motors and 315-mile estimated driving range. The more expensive Tesla Model S, meanwhile, uses a powerful, efficient drivetrain and a 310-mile estimated driving range.